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Religion and best interests of the child

4 March 2019

Matters that end up before the court are generally matters where parties are unable to reach agreement about what is in a child’s best interest. Whether that be the time arrangements, what school they attend, where they live or what religion they practice... Let's look at a recent case on religion. The Family Court recently [...]

What super do you have?

4 March 2019

Superannuation is property and, therefore, each spouse's superannuation forms part of the combined pool of property. Determining a value for superannuation can be challenging. Different types of superannuation have different methods of valuation. Therefore, annual 'Member Statements' should not always be relied on for the true 'Family Law' value of the funds. So what super [...]

How can I get my partner to move out?

4 March 2019

It is not uncommon when parties separate to still remain living together under the same roof.  There are many reasons for this. So the question often arises as to who can live in the house. It can be one of the most difficult and stressful issues in a separation. So what are the options? The [...]

Getting a Contravention Application Right

26 February 2019

A Parenting Court Order imposes obligations on the parents to comply with (and facilitate) the orders that are made. When one parent fails to comply with an order, the other parent may bring a Contravention Application against them. The court deals with Contravention Applications in a strict manner, due to the penalties that can be [...]

Navigating international family law issues

12 February 2019

As the world becomes smaller and smaller each day, and technology brings us closer together, it is common for family law issues to arise across different countries and jurisdictions. It also means that people have access to information from a whole range of countries. It can be through Facebook or Instagram posts, TV shows, chats, [...]

Step parent adoptions in Queensland

1 February 2019

Parents with a blended family sometimes seek advice about a step-parent adopting a child of the other parent. We are fortunate in that one of our directors, Amy Honan, has done many of these applications over the years. Amy, therefore, is often sought out by clients because of that expertise. Here, Amy provides some practical [...]

Read all about it?

1 February 2019

Where documents are provided to the court by a third party, for example by a spouse's employer, as part of family law proceedings, a party cannot release or distribute the information contained in those documents without the court’s permission.  In a recent case the husband found this out the hard way. Background Approximately 4 weeks [...]

Married overseas; can I divorce in Australia?

1 February 2019

With the ease of international travel, it seems the world is getting smaller all the time. So it is that many clients we see, who are living in Australia, have been married overseas. When it comes to divorce, what do they need to do? If you were married overseas, you are entitled to apply for [...]

Children’s passports – getting one and stopping one issue

8 January 2019

The issuing of passports sometimes comes up when a separated couple are trying to work out parenting arrangements, but more often than not it comes up unexpectedly and urgently. The challenges can be complicated and situations are rarely the same, so here are some quick tips that might prove helpful. How do I obtain a [...]

Siblings to stay together

8 January 2019

From time to time we will speak to someone about arrangements for their children and they will propose that one child live with them and the other child with the other parent. These suggestions are usually made with the best of intentions and a belief that this is the perfect solution. But, what does the [...]