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Can I try to sort out other issues while I am waiting for a divorce?

11 June 2019

In Australia, you can only apply for a divorce after you have been separated for a period of 12 months. This period satisfies the legal requirement that the relationship has broken down irretrievably. This does not mean, however, that everything is on hold for 12 months while you wait the ability to make a [...]

Divorce around the world

3 June 2019

Being a multi-cultural country and having exposure to media from around the world, it can be confusing for people in Australia to know what is required for a Divorce. Let's clarify the position in Australia but also have a quick look at the situation in some other parts of the world. Every country in [...]

Can a step-parent get custody?

3 June 2019

A mother unexpectedly passes away and her 13 year old son wants to continue to live with his step-father, contrary to the biological fathers wishes. What should happen? The Family Law Act provides that a parenting order may be applied for by: A parent; The child; A grandparent; or Any other person concerned with [...]

Injunctions – how to protect assets

3 June 2019

When a separation occurs, spouses can sometimes act in unexpected ways. This may involve assets being taken, whether it be cash spent, shares sold, mortgages extended, or real estate sold. Once assets are gone they can be very hard to retrieve. So, in these urgent situations what can be done to protect property? The [...]

Is using child care a problem?

3 June 2019

Separated parents often have very different parenting styles which can cause conflict. One common example of this is when one parent utilises child care or after school care and the other parent is available to care for the child at those times. The question from parents is usually “why should a stranger care for [...]

Can a father take a child away from a mother?

7 May 2019

Case outline A father was told by his 8 year old daughter that she had been “hit” by her mother. The daughter also told the school Principal and the Police. The father withheld the child and sought full custody. So, what did the court do? As a result of the father withholding the child [...]

Here are some alternatives to Court

7 May 2019

If you ask our Brisbane family law firm what alternatives to court exist... We can say that she ideal scenario in every situation is that an amicable agreement can be reached. However, it cannot always be achieved. It is well documented that it is a lengthy wait for a final hearing in court. There [...]

What’s happening in Family Law?

7 May 2019

Be careful which news report you read regarding what's changing in Family Law. There have been many suggested changes put forward over the last year. All the talk culminated last month, in the release of the Law Reform Commission (ALRC) review. Here's a quick update on the review – and a few other changes. [...]

How long does a divorce take?

9 April 2019

Getting access to documents

1 April 2019