My Experience with Amy Honan, Michael Lynch Family Lawyers

The truth is that there is no such thing as a happy divorce – and there is nothing that can prepare you for the process of separating from your spouse.

I had been married for close to twenty years and my husband and I had four happy, healthy children. We seemed like an average ‘happy, healthy, family living in a relatively conservative suburb in Brisbane’.

My husband and I are both ‘nice’ people – but over the years, we had grown apart. People often ask me why we separated – as if there were single cause – but in fact there were many experiences and occasions that gradually built in momentum over the years – until one day it was just enough.

I knew I had to leave – but I had no idea how to manage this situation.  No real idea about how we would disentangle ourselves, or what the emotional and financial cost would be to our family. I didn’t know what to do or what my future would be like – I just knew it had to be different!

Thankfully – I found an amazing lawyer.

From the moment I met Amy I felt safe and in good hands. She was calm, gentle, clear, honest and so very patient in explaining all of the implications of my situation. It was only as my case progressed that I become aware of her remarkable legal knowledge, competence and expertise. My case was quite complex – but at every point she was able to point to the ‘pros and cons’ of the different options as they became available. When the day came that I ran out of funds to proceed with the case – she was able to find a solution to that problem as well.

My divorce was protracted, complicated and the outcome often seemed uncertain – but I always felt absolutely confident that Amy would deliver the best outcome possible for me – and she did!

Looking back now – I am so very happy, not only with the outcome of the settlement (which was more than satisfactory) – but more particularly with how she guided the process to enable my husband (ex-husband) and I to remain good friends, and my children to remain relatively unaffected. I can say that I owe this to completely to Amy’s competence as a legal advocate and her integrity, honesty and honor as a person. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her as a first class family lawyer.

I would also like to express my thanks to Michael Lynch and the team I worked with at Michael Lynch Family Lawyers, who were so supportive during a very difficult and uncertain couple of years. I would also never hesitate to recommend them as a reliable and extremely competent legal firm.

J.M., Ashgrove, QLD.