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Don’t Delay Your Property Settlement

9 June 2021

As far as the real estate industry is concerned, the COVID-19 recession seems like a distant memory. While some aspects of the economy are struggling to recover from the pandemic, house prices are going through the roof. This is great news if you’re selling, and if you and your partner split up during COVID, [...]

Accountants Webinar – “Family Law property settlements and family companies”

8 June 2021

Family companies often hold significant assets therefore they can often raise a lot of challenges in family law property settlements. Whether it is the spouse that controls the company and knows it’s workings intimately or a spouse that has no understanding of the company structure and operations, there is a lot to consider.[...]

Dealing with Divorce and The Bank of Mum and Dad

8 June 2021

It’s becoming more and more common for adult children to rely on the so-called “bank of mum and dad” for financial help when buying property, investing in business, or getting out of a sticky situation. Grandparents are often also relied on for financial support, or to provide free child care. That all adds up [...]

Be careful with spouse maintenance

28 May 2021

Spouse maintenance is financial support paid by one person to their former spouse or de facto partner in circumstances where they are unable to support themselves. Ordinarily, applications for spouse maintenance must be made within 12 months of the divorce order taking effect (for married couples) or two years from the date of separation [...]

Child Wishes: looking at the difference between an interim and final hearing

28 May 2021

After a relationship breakdown, your child’s wishes can form important evidence in deciding parenting orders. Usually, the older the child gets, the more weight is placed on their wishes. However, in some cases, this can lead to the child being influenced by their parent,  even if that influence takes place unknowingly as a type [...]

Grandparent rights – a grey area

28 May 2021

A child’s relationship with their grandparents can bring a special joy to everyone involved, but in the event of a family separation, what rights do grandparents have? Under the Family Law Act, grandparents do have a legal right to make an application to spend time with their grandchildren. However, grandparents should be aware that [...]

Controlling the finances can be abuse

28 May 2021

Australians have sadly become use to the term “family violence” to mean physical or emotional abuse that takes place within a relationship. There is also another term that is considered to be family violence under the Family Law Act, and that is economic and financial abuse. Financial abuse is a pattern of behaviours used [...]

Counsellors Webinar – Family Violence and the Court – an update

21 May 2021

The media has recently been abuzz with speculation that the Family Court is changing. There has been strong and vocal opposition to it, however despite all the noise, the new court merger laws have now been made. So what is going on? What will be changing and when? [...]

What is a family report and how do I get one?

3 May 2021

Determining what a child's wishes are with regard to which parent they wish to live with after separation is one of the most common and challenging questions in Family Law. The best way to consider the issue is to have the child speak to someone independent, this is usually done by way of a [...]

What happens to capital gain tax in a Property Settlement?

3 May 2021

When you’re in the middle of a relationship breakdown, tax problems might be the last thing on your mind. But CGT can have a serious impact on the value of a property settlement and it’s something everyone should be aware of. Capital gains is a federal tax payable on money made by the sale, [...]