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“The secret to winning arguments every single time” – Amy Honan’s interview for channel Nine Honey

28 November 2018

Channel Nine (Nine Honey) has approached Amy Honan, one of our Directors, to share her "secret to winning arguments every single time". If we argue, we usually do it to get our point across, get what we want, or simply to win. Any Honan knows exactly how to declare ‘Case Closed’ on a topic... Even if [...]

Congratulations: 10 years of community service

31 October 2018

It is our pleasure to congratulate Amy Honan, director at Michael Lynch Family Lawyers, and Polly Richardson, associate at Michael Lynch Family Lawyers, on both having achieved 10-year anniversaries of community service at the Caxton Legal Centre Inc. Amy and Polly have attended over this time to provide Family Law advice at evening legal sessions [...]

Interview for channel Nine Honey: “Relocating your kid: what you need to know”

10 October 2018

Channel Nine (Nine Honey) has approached Amy Honan, one of our Directors, for a comment on the State Government’s Family and Child Commission wanting Family Court judges to give more focus to ‘protecting children from harm’. As a result, Amy has provided an expert opinion on the topic. Click here to read the article. [...]

Is the court interested in NAPLAN?

5 October 2018

When NAPLAN is happening, it's topical everywhere, even in court. So what does the court think about it? The court has considered NAPLAN in the context of a choice of school at an interim hearing. In doing so the court has provided an indication of its view as to the appropriateness of using NAPLAN test [...]

What is a family law arbitration?

5 October 2018

Are you involved in efforts to achieve a property settlement through negotiations or court proceedings? Is it taking a long time and not making a lot of headway? If so, arbitration may be an option. Family law arbitration is a process where the matters in dispute are referred to an arbitrator who determines an outcome. [...]

A psychologist objects to file being subpoenaed

5 October 2018

In a recent case the children's psychologist had his file subpoenaed for production in court. He "objected" to the parents' viewing his file notes. The court agreed with his request, with some conditions. Background: The Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) issued the subpoena to the Psychology practice. The father then sought orders from the court for [...]

Parenting, DV and property infosheets

5 October 2018

NEW FAMILY LAW INFOSHEETS We have just released more new infosheets. The latest (3) easy-to-understand visual guides are on: child support, domestic violence and property settlement. Most noteworthy is that the infosheets simplify Family Law jargon and are handy to refer to. Find the infosheets on our website under Publications. Otherwise, if you'd like [...]

Accountants Webinar- Understanding Child Support

21 September 2018

Get an easy-to-understand overview of all things child support. What are assessments? Can they be reviewed? What options for agreements are there? Find out answers to these and other relevant questions about Child Support by pressing Play to listen now, OR click HERE to watch a full PowerPoint presentation with a voice recording. [...]

Counsellors Webinar – Understanding Relocations

7 September 2018

There are no specific legislative provisions that deal with relocation matters. The Court must rely on the usual parenting pathway set out in the Family Law Act, and apply the law to the specific facts of the case. When can a parent move with a child? Relocations in parenting matters - metropolitan, interstate and overseas. What you [...]

Accountants Webinar – De Facto, Breakups and Money

10 March 2017

What is a De Facto relationship? What is separation? This Webinar provides answers to these important questions. As well as what is spouse maintenance and property agreement? It also talks about important time limits that you should be mindful for and certainly telling your clients about those.