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Do you need to document a divorce agreement?

7 August 2020

Lots of issues can come up in a divorce but once the hard work of negotiating an agreement is done, the next question should be "What needs to be documented?” It is important to be aware of the options available when it comes to – whether? and if so, how? to document children’s arrangements, [...]

Severing a joint tenancy

3 August 2020

A lot of couples hold their ownership in real estate as joint tenants. If a separation occurs that can prove a problem as the law provides that if one of the "joint tenants' dies their share automatically gets transferred to the other 'joint tenant'. So, what can be done about it? There are two [...]

Communication when you are separated

3 August 2020

Sadly, one of the first casualties in any break- up is communication. The old “I just can’t talk to him/her anymore” is fairly common. But keeping up that line of communication is vitally important for families, particularly for children. So, if you really can’t stand your ex but have to continue communicating, what are [...]

Why do I need a barrister?

3 August 2020

You may have a court date coming up, do you need a barrister? That will largely depend on what the purpose of the court date is, but firstly let’s look at what the difference between a solicitor and barrister even is. On a basic level, a solicitor is a highly trained legal professional that [...]

What is parental alienation?

3 August 2020

Decades ago, it was called ‘taking sides’ but now it’s recognised as parental alienation – where one parent attempts to turn their child against the other parent. It’s becoming increasingly common in custody disputes and it can take a range of forms. The term Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) originated in the United States when [...]

Happy 10-year work anniversary!

22 July 2020

Getting to ‘Yes’

13 July 2020

Defacto relationships are no different to other relationships when it comes to trying to resolve issues. Amicable outcomes are always best. Mediation provides an alternative to going to Court. It involves you and your former partner, sitting down with an independent third party. Here are some helpful tips as to whether it would be suitable [...]

Defacto issues

13 July 2020

You may have an understanding that you are in a defacto relationship but what happens now? Like every relationship there are challenges to resolve: parenting, property, child support. How does that effect you? Here’s a quick guide. PROPERTY SETTLEMENTS How will our Property be Divided? The Family Law Act sets out how property is [...]

What constitutes separation?

13 July 2020

For a defacto couple’s property settlement it is important to determine when separation occurred. Is it moving out of the house or can you be in the house but separated? The Family Court has determined that separation is when the following 3 elements are present; An intention to separate; Acting upon that intention; and [...]

Defacto property settlement time limits

13 July 2020

If you have separated it is important that you get Family Law advice about how to achieve a property settlement, as there are strict time limits that apply. If you miss them there can be real problems. So, what are they? There are time limits on when spouses can file an application for property [...]