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Tarah Tosh has made it to the Doyle’s List of Leading Lawyers for 2022

26 November 2021

Michael Lynch Family Lawyers are proud to announce that Tarah Tosh, one of our Directors and a Family Law Accredited Specialist, has been listed once again in the latest Doyle’s Family & Divorce Lawyers list for 2022 as a Leading Family Lawyer in Brisbane in ‘Parenting and Child Matters’. Well, done, Tarah! Doyle’s Guide [...]

Can you divest property during the divorce process?

23 November 2021

The divorcing client needs to be careful of divesting themselves of property and thinking that doing so will remove it from the joint property pool. It won't. What is property? The Family Court is a unique legal environment, particularly when it comes to determining a property division.  The Family Law Act has a very [...]

What happens to property owned before marriage?

23 November 2021

A common question we get regarding property division is ‘if I had it to start with, can’t I just keep it?’ Whether you have a lot or a little, the short answer is that those ‘initial contributions’ are rarely excluded from the property pool. Let’s explain... What is property? The definition of ‘property’ in [...]

Don’t let the fur fly over pet custody

22 November 2021

Some days there’s nothing better than coming home to an enthusiastic welcome from the dog, or the purring contentment of the cat. But what happens to the family pet in a divorce? Who gets custody of Fido or Kitty? Under Australian law, pets are considered property and can be dealt with the same as [...]

Grandparent rights – a grey area

16 November 2021

A child’s relationship with their grandparents can bring a special joy to everyone involved, but in the event of a family separation, what rights do grandparents have? Under the Family Law Act, grandparents do have a legal right to make an application to spend time with their grandchildren. However, grandparents should be aware that [...]

Coping with christmas – tips for separated families

8 November 2021

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and for most of us, after another stressful year of lockdowns and restrictions, it’s the season we’re looking forward to. Christmas is a time to see family and friends, swap presents and stories and enjoy each other’s company. If you’ve separated or divorced this year, Christmas [...]

When superannuation is all there is

8 November 2021

Superannuation is considered to be an asset for the purposes of family law property settlements and in some cases it might be the only asset left to divide. So what happens then? The court recently considered a case where a husband and wife were married for 22 years and had two children together. Due [...]

Shared parenting v parallel parenting

8 November 2021

When a relationship breaks down, parents are often faced with the difficult decision of deciding on a parenting style that suits both parents, yet still upholds the best interests of the children. The concept of Shared Parenting is one that is adopted by most families. Shared Parenting promotes co-operation, collaboration and communication between parents [...]

Think before you text your ex

8 November 2021

The weeks and months following a relationship breakdown are no doubt painful and it’s tempting to send hurtful messages via text or email. But if the custody of your children is at stake, think before you hit “send”. Anything you send to your former partner can be used in court and if it’s less [...]

Five nights or seven

8 November 2021

Deciding where your children will live after a relationship breakdown is probably one of the hardest decisions a parent will make.  How many nights each fortnight will they spend with each parent, and what do those arrangements look like? Fifteen to 20 years ago, arrangements would most likely have been children spending time with one parent each alternative weekend from [...]