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Congratulations to Susan, Zoe and Stephanie

8 September 2021

Can a tightly-held belief derail your parenting?

7 September 2021

Parenting after a relationship breakdown can be tricky, and for some parents it’s made even harder by the tightly-held beliefs of the other parent. One parent may be absolutely convinced the other parent has damaged or hurt the child in some way, even though that’s not the case. Some parents even actively “campaign” against [...]

Love, marriage and pre-nuptial agreements

6 September 2021

A “pre-nup” or pre-nuptial agreement, is the colloquial term for a financial agreement. Under Australian law, financial agreements are complex and technical, and if they’re not prepared according to strict legal requirements, they can easily be set aside. Which means the court will deal with the couple’s financial matters. The court can also deal [...]

Is an informal property settlement binding?

6 September 2021

Courts will usually only recognise a formal property settlement and that prevents the court from making any further adjustment to property orders. However, in a recent case, a judge refused to make property adjustments orders sought by the ex-wife in circumstances where the parties had an informal but complete division of their property. The [...]

Taking a risk with the bank of mum and dad

6 September 2021

It’s becoming more and more common for adult children to rely on the so-called “bank of mum and dad” for financial help when buying property, investing in business, or getting out of a sticky situation. But what happens when adult children separate? Grandparents are often also relied on for financial support, or to provide [...]

Counsellors Webinar – Parenting after Separation and Mediation

25 August 2021

Counsellors are often faced with the challenge of working with people through divorce, and consequently the impact it can have on their children. This webinar will guide you through various situations that your clients may encounter [...]

Michael Lynch Family Lawyers celebrates 25 years

17 August 2021

Accountants Webinar – Dangers in Divorce – Property Settlements Traps

17 August 2021

This webinar for Accountants provides practical information to help you and your client. The presentation focusses on some of the common issues and frequent traps that come up in divorce property settlements, such as: • How is superannuation considered? [...]

Is it better to have a female family lawyer?

11 August 2021

If you’re meeting with a family law solicitor, it’s highly likely you’re going through a stressful time. Separation, divorce, making child custody arrangements and sorting out a property settlement means you need to speak with an expert in all areas of family law. Research from the United States suggests more and more clients are [...]

Public Webinar – The Family Law Court Merger Explained

10 August 2021

The media has recently been abuzz with speculation that the Family Court is changing. There has been strong and vocal opposition to it, however despite all the noise, the new court merger laws have now been made. So what is going on? What will be changing and when? [...]