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19 October 2020

Setting aside a binding child support agreement

1 October 2020

We’ve all heard the words “exceptional circumstances” and “unprecedented times” this year, but do any of them apply to setting aside a binding child support agreement? Courts recognise only very limited grounds for setting aside any kind of child support, particularly a binding child support agreement. In the past, some “exceptional circumstances” recognised by [...]

Staying safe in an online world

1 October 2020

We live in an increasingly inter-connected world. And while social media may be great for keeping in touch with friends and family around the world, sometimes it can be used against you, particularly during a relationship breakdown. Cyber-stalking is domestic violence and is sadly a common complaint among women who have experienced coercion and [...]

When aged care comes between couples

1 October 2020

By 2022 Australia will be home to 4 million people in the 65 – 84 age bracket. The impacts on our health care and aged care systems are quickly becoming apparent, but an ageing population will also change some aspects of family. Increasingly, one person in a marriage or partnership is being admitted to [...]

Bankruptcy and family law

1 October 2020

With COVID-19, financial pressures are increasing. When financial pressures are serious that can sometimes lead to bankruptcy. Declaring bankruptcy is a major financial step to take but what impact can it have in a divorce? What is bankruptcy? When a person is declared bankrupt, their assets are immediately put under the control of a [...]

Accountants Webinar – Back to basics: am I de facto?

23 September 2020

The correct legal status of a relationship is important, it has serious consequences. For a de facto it can determine if someone has a financial entitlement or if they don’t. On the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the law for de facto [...]

Congratulations on your promotion, Stephanie Brown

20 September 2020

Schools Webinar – Family Law Implications for Schools

15 September 2020

Dealing with divorced parents and their children can be tricky. Find out from this webinar what you need to know as a Guidance Officer, Principal or Teacher when it comes to dealing with your students and parents with family law issues. Presented by Family Lawyer Susan Miranda. Susan is an experienced Family Law professional [...]

Webinar for Counsellors: “Can you move with a child? International, local and everything in between“

9 September 2020

A parent wants to move with a child away from the other parent. Can they? How far? Relocation cases are some of the most common and most challenging in the Family Court. COVID-19 has now added new challenges. The added complication is that the situation in every case is different and the Family Law [...]

Webinar for Accountants: Determining percentage entitlements in property settlement

3 September 2020

There is no 50%/50% presumption or (even) starting point when it comes to how property is divided between divorcing couples. The percentage is determined by looking at the “contributions” each party has made. This is an inexact science and will vary for every couple. This webinar will look at: The main categories of contribution [...]