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What is family therapy?

7 October 2019

When going through a separation, families experience different challenges with parenting arrangements. Sometimes to better address these challenges the court will order different therapeutic treatment approaches. One such approach is Family Therapy. Let's look at what that is…> The Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT) says that family therapy helps people in a close [...]

Where should I get divorced?

7 October 2019

In the globalised world we live in, it is not uncommon for parties to have married overseas, have lived overseas for parts of a relationship, or for one party to be living overseas when a divorce is filed. In these situations, it’s important to consider which country is best when contemplating filing a divorce. [...]

Can I record conversations with my ex?

7 October 2019

With the popularity of smart phones, it is now easier than ever to make audio or video recordings of conversations with other people, with or without their knowledge. It’s tempting to use this technology to record interactions with your ex-partner and to then use as evidence in your family law matter. But can you?And [...]


11 September 2019

With R U OK? day just around the corner, we thought we would take the time to ask R U OK? Everyone knows most jobs involve some level of stress. Some people thrive on stress and it can also keep you alert and increase your performance in small bursts, however in the long run, [...]

Counsellors Webinar – Counsellors, Courts and Confidentiality

30 August 2019

This family law webinar for counsellors explains why client confidentiality is a crucial part of practising as a relationship counsellor and yet it is widely misunderstood. With the increasing role of mediation and other forms of dispute resolution, the provisions of the Family Law Act have come under increasing scrutiny. How do you best [...]

What can you do about harassing texting?

30 August 2019

A lot of personal communication these days is done by way of text. When separation occurs, texting can often increase in frequency and intensity. So, if it is too much, what can you do? What is it? Cyberstalking can include: repeatedly contacting a person by calling, emailing, texting, messaging or sending offensive material. monitoring [...]

How does a court deal with furniture?

30 August 2019

Who gets the Thermomix? Who gets the new lounge? Dividing personal items is often very difficult. So what does the court do when parties can't agree? In family law property settlements, ‘property’ has a very broad definition. It definitely includes furniture, no matter who may have purchased it during the relationship. It is also [...]

Welcome to some new faces

28 August 2019

Accountants Webinar – “How to” of Property Settlement

23 August 2019

There are many misconceptions about how divorce property settlements are determined. This webinar for accountants will tell you if it is 50% / 50% or not? Are pre-existing assets included? What if one spouse has a significantly higher income? What about the inclusion of a family trust? In this 'Back to Basics' presentation all [...]

Divorce Applications

6 August 2019

When can a divorce application be made? The Family Law Act is based on a no fault principle. The only requirement for a court to grant a divorce order is an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, this can only be evidenced by the parties having lived separately, and apart for at least 12 months. [...]