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The Family Flyer is a free community service by Michael Lynch Family Lawyers. The publication is designed to be informative and topical and to assist you in understanding the ever-changing field of Family Law.

This edition includes:

  • 100th Edition
  • FREE Book – Out Now!
  •  “Close-up” Article – Double!
  • A Wealth of Information
  • More Useful Information
  • Seminar Series – Coming Soon!
  • Getting a Second Opinion

100th Edition

This edition of the Family Flyer celebrates our 100th Edition. It’s also apt that this 100th Edition should occur in conjunction with the launch of our new updated book “A Guide to Family Law – Everyday Answers”!

Over the last 13 years, the Family Flyer has tracked the immense changes that have occurred in Family Law including, new Shared Parenting Laws, new Child Support system, new Domestic Violence Laws, the creation of the Federal Magistrate Court, the creation of Contact Centres and Family Relationship Centres and new laws for Defacto Property Settlements, to name just a few. With the Government currently considering legalising surrogacy, we are assured of the future continuing to be as busy and eventful as ever.

With our 100th Edition we thank you, our readers, for your ongoing support and feedback to the Flyer. We also thank our fantastic staff that assists in collating and issuing the Flyer, edition after edition.

The Family Flyer is firmly part of the local Family Law landscape and will continue to provide easy-to-understand updates and information about changes and news in Family Law. We encourage you to continue providing your feedback and telling your staff and friends about this FREE service.

FREE Book – Out Now!

Our flagship publication for the last 13 years has been our book “A Guide to Family Law – Everyday Answers”.

In that time the book has been updated 6 times and over 60,000 copies have been distributed. The “Guide” book has just been updated and is now being distributed.

The “Guide” is FREE and is up-to-date with all the latest changes in Family Law – find out about children’s arrangements, Child Support, Defacto Property Settlements and more!

Deliveries are occurring this week so if you have not received your copy from us in the next 2 weeks and would like a copy (or if you are with an organisation and would like a number of copies) please call us on (07) 3221 4300.

The “Guide Book” is also available as an electronic form on our website and is FREE to access, visit:


 “Close-up” Article – Double!

To celebrate our 100th Edition, this edition has 2 special feature articles.

Last edition we referred to a recent Court decision where Pre-nuptial Agreement was set aside because of a number of mistakes made when making the agreement. We received a lot of inquiries from readers regarding that article, so in this edition you can learn more about “How to avoid the Pitfalls when entering into a Pre-nuptial Agreement”.

In our second article you can find out “What is the difference between a Nullity of a marriage and a Divorce?”

Visit www.mlfl.com.au/media/articles.

Michael Lynch Family Lawyers

A Wealth of Information

The Family Flyer is issued every second Tuesday as an e-flyer and is also issued as a hard copy for “Special Editions”.

Our publication has been produced for the last 13 years and has more than 5,000 readers each fortnight. Don’t miss the latest information in the ever changing field of Family Law. Subscribe for FREE, visit www.mlfl.com.au.

The Family Flyer provides a wealth of information. Recent articles have included:

  • Special Edition – New Laws for Defacto Property Settlements – Issue 91
  • Property Settlement – High Income Earner – Issue 96
  • Special Edition – Shared Parenting – Issue 44
  • Special Edition – The New World of Child Support – Issue 71
  • What Age is the Right Age to Listen to a Child’s Wishes – Issue 36
  • How Does the Court Deal with Inheritances in Property Settlement? – Issue 41
  • Pay Nil Stamp Duty – Issue 80

More Useful Information

Since the start of the year we have also provided “in depth” practical information in our “Close-up” Series. View these articles for FREE at www.mlfl.com.au/media/articles.

Previous articles have included:

  • Property Settlements for Defacto Relationships
  • How to Document a Parenting Agreement
  • Divorce Applications
  • What the ‘Best Interests’ of a Child?

Seminar Series – Coming Soon!

Our principal, Michael Lynch, presents over 50 seminars a year to a wide variety of community and professional groups.

We are currently preparing our next public “Seminar Series” to be held in the next couple of months. For more information follow the updates by subscribing to the fortnightly Family Flyer, visit www.mlfl.com.au. If you are part of an organisation and are interested in us providing a FREE presentation to your staff, see topic examples and testimonials at www.mlfl.com.au/seminars.

Getting a Second Opinion

Family Law is a complex and ever changing area of law.

All of the lawyers at Michael Lynch Family Lawyers practice solely in Family Law and are often requested to provide a second opinion on legal advice people have received elsewhere.

If you would like a second opinion contact us on (07) 3221 4300 to make an appointment.

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