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Your child’s education – who gets to decide? Some tips for separated parents

15 January 2019

Issues regarding school enrolment and getting children ready for school can often ignite disagreement and disputes between parents who are separated or divorced. Where the channels of communication have broken down, it is commonly the case that schools are called on by parents to be the facilitator or arbiter of their dispute. You should [...]

We Made It to the Doyle’s List of Recommended Lawyers for 2019.

9 January 2019

Michael Lynch Family Lawyers are proud to announce that our Directors, Tarah Tosh and Amy Honan, have been listed as Recommended Family Lawyers on the Doyle’s Family & Divorce Lawyers list once again. Tarah in the Leading Parenting & Child Matters Lawyers (Brisbane) and Amy Leading Family Lawyers (Brisbane). Doyle’s guide is a prestigious and [...]

Divorce and the Family Farm

30 December 2018

Severing the emotional and financial dependence on another person is a crucial yet often difficult part of a family law property settlement, particularly in matters involving a family farm. In these matters the physical, financial and emotional links and dependence are deeply entwined and have been made over many years, they can appear impossible to separate. This [...]

Child Support and School Fees

28 December 2018

The Australian Government Department of Human Services (DHS) formula assessment is based on children attending a State school, not a private school. How do school fees affect child support? If parents have an agreed intention that their child should attend a private school, then the agency will look at including a proportionate amount of the school fees [...]

How To Get Custody of a Child

28 December 2018

Just separated? Experiencing difficulties with parenting arrangements? It is important you get advice about what will happen with custody of your children. There are a lot of myths regarding people wanting full custody of you children. Let's correct some of them. The legal process Every family is different and there are no standard or set [...]

Can I change a court order?

18 December 2018

If you have a final court order for your child’s care arrangements and you are wanting to change it, you have some obstacles to overcome. The largest obstacle is known by lawyers as the rule in Rice & Asplund. This rule says that “where there has already been a final order made in respect to [...]

Divorce and superannuation

23 October 2018

For separated couples, the Family Law Act sets out how property should be divided. A Common Family Law Myth One of the most common Family Law myths is the belief that superannuation is not included in this division of property.  It is! Another common myth is that property is always divided equally.  It isn’t! Let’s clarify what the law does [...]

Conference or Professional Development Day? Need A Speaker?

5 October 2018

If you are looking for a speaker on Family Law for your next Conference or Professional Development day, please give us a call. Our Principal, Michael Lynch, presents many seminars each year to accounting, financial planning and legal firms, and other groups. If you want to better equip your staff to serve clients or you [...]

Separation and Divorce – What’s the Difference?

2 October 2018

"I'm going through a divorce"- what does that really mean? Not surprisingly a lot of people use the term "divorce" when they are talking about a whole range of different aspects of their marriage breakdown. In legal terms there are a number of different issues that may arise following a marriage breakdown. Separation; Property settlement; [...]

What if You Don’t Like a Judge’s Order?

25 September 2018

Every day the Family Court makes decisions in all sorts of cases.  Many people are dissatisfied with the decisions the court makes.  For those that are dissatisfied, what options do they have? After the determination of a hearing, whether it is an interim or final hearing a party may appeal the decision.  The appeal needs [...]