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Child support and school fees – who pays?

3 February 2020

How to Get Your Child Returned

6 January 2020

Your child has been on holiday time with their other parent, but hasn't been returned to you as agreed. What do you do? Steps can be taken, and quickly, to ensure their recovery and return to you. Here’s what they are: Recovery Order: There is a recovery process, under the Family Law Act, if [...]

How To Get Custody of a Child

28 December 2019

Just separated? Experiencing difficulties with parenting arrangements? It is important you get advice about what will happen with custody of your children. There are a lot of myths regarding people wanting full custody of their children. Let's correct some of them. The legal process Every family is different and there are no standard or [...]

When Does Child Support Stop?

17 December 2019

When does Child Support stop? The Child Support Act sets out the few events that will terminate a Child Support assessment, some of them include: If the CSA has accepted a Child Support agreement where both parents have agreed that payments should cease on a specified date; or If the parents have reconciled for [...]

Determining A Property Settlement Where There Is A High Income

3 September 2019

For most couples it is not uncommon that one spouse will earn more than the other, particularly when that lower income earning spouse has taken on the homemaker role. In a recent case, the court had to consider whether an adjustment should be made to the property division in the wife’s favour, since the [...]

Who Gets The Pet in a Divorce?

16 August 2019

A family pet is often considered as part of the family, but the law in Australia provides that pets are considered chattels (property). In a divorce, their ownership is determined by the court in a property settlement. Whilst such cases are rare, a recent case has considered such an issue. The Facts The couple [...]

Is a sperm donor legally a ‘father’?

6 August 2019

The High Court recently considered a Family Law matter if a sperm donor could legally be considered the father and then be able to have input into parenting arrangements, such as, if the child could move overseas. The answer? Yes, but the facts of the case are important. Does being a sperm donor automatically [...]

What is child-inclusive mediation?

6 August 2019

The role of mediation between separated couples has become better understood over recent years, but what is child-inclusive mediation? It's becoming more common, so let's look at it. Child-inclusive mediation Resolving parenting arrangements after separation is often difficult. Knowing what the child thinks about possible arrangements is often an issue, but how to independently [...]

What is an offer to settle?

6 August 2019

The aim in all separations is to try and reach an Amicable Agreement. For property division, that process usually involves an 'offer to settle' being made. That may seem obvious, but there is a bit more involved than you might think. Offer to settle An ‘offer of settlement’ is a proposal, usually in writing, [...]

Can I try to sort out other issues while I am waiting for a divorce?

11 June 2019

In Australia, you can only apply for a divorce after you have been separated for a period of 12 months. This period satisfies the legal requirement that the relationship has broken down irretrievably. This does not mean, however, that everything is on hold for 12 months while you wait the ability to make a [...]